Official Logo Request
Anybody out there got some mad phat artistic skillz yo? We need a logo.

The Girl Scouts have this:

The Boy Scouts have this:

And the Cub Scouts have the one I like the best:

I'm thinking of one of two different designs; either the Cub Scouts logo with thick glasses on it, or a traditional Coat Of Arms featuring generic geeky images such as a comic book, a ray gun, a 20-sided die and...?

Please discuss :)

Thorondor Scout
I decided long ago that our top-level scouts, our equal to the Boy Scouts "Eagle Scout" would be The Thorondor Scout (for what should be obvious reasons for anyone who makes it to the Thorondor Scout level). All you have to do in order to become a Thorondor Scout is to obtain 42 different Gold Level badges (for what should also be an obvious reason to top-level Geek Scouts).

But what about our other levels of scouts? Our Cub Scouts, Brownies, Daisies, etc?

Here's my proposal:
CADETTE - Entry level. From your very first badge all the way till you've received your fifth Gold Badge, tenth Silver Badge or 42 Standard Merit Badges. At that point you become...

PADAWAN - The Force is strong in this one, but they still must be trained. You must fulfill any two of the Cadette Level requirements to move on, at which point you become...

KNIGHT - You're acquiring quite a shiny suit of armor there with all those pins! You'll spend most of your time as a Knight. It'll take a combination of any TWO of these accomplishments (10 Gold Badges, 42 Silver Badges and/or 100 Standard Merit Badges) to move on, at which point you become...

ROCKET RANGER - Streaking through the stratosphere, nothing can stop you! It'll take 25 Gold Badges to move on from here, you're last stop before the top level...

WIZARD - All powerful, all knowing... you'll stay here till you get your 42nd Gold Level Badge at which point you become...

THORONDOR SCOUT - Soaring high above everyone else!

I've made it completely possible for folks to power through and become a Thorondor Scout by earning nothing but Gold Badges, and made it impossible to get beyond Rocket Ranger without earning any Gold Badges. This was on purpose :)

Any thoughts on this? Suggestions?

First post
Feel free to post your ideas for Geek Scouts here... make a suggestion for a Merit Badge? Should follow a logical progression for three levels of severity - Merit, Silver Level and Gold Level.


Merit - You have seen all three movies.

Silver Level - You have seen all three movies, back-to-back-to-back in a one-day marathon viewing

Gold Level - You have seen all three EXTENDED VERSIONS of the movies, back-to-back-to-back in a one-day marathon viewing, while observing/eating at each of the 7 Hobit meal times (Breakfast, Second Breakfast, Elevenses, Luncheon, Tea, Dinner and Supper).

The only difference between the three badges will be their border. No border for Merit, Silver for Silver Level, Gold for Gold Level.

Why bother?

Why take the time to watch all those movies and eat all that food in one day? Why not just SAY you did it and then wear the badge?

Because we're Geeks. We wear these accomplishments in our daily lives like badges of honor already, why not start gathering IRL pins to display proudly at Geek Gatherings? How cool would it be if you were at a Trivia Night at a local bar, feeling lonely and out of place because the guys from your office dragged you there as their "Secret Weapon", when suddenly across the room you see a person sporting a Silver Level Tarantino Badge? You could become great friends, you may become bitter enemies, you may feel that you need to challenge this Silver Level Tarantino to prove your mettle!

Maybe I'm the only geek who thinks this sounds awesome? Maybe everybody else would just rather keep their badges of Geekdom on-line, behind Facebook profiles where it's safe... I don't know. But hopefully we'll find out :)


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