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Official Logo Request
captain_slinky wrote in geekscouts
Anybody out there got some mad phat artistic skillz yo? We need a logo.

The Girl Scouts have this:

The Boy Scouts have this:

And the Cub Scouts have the one I like the best:

I'm thinking of one of two different designs; either the Cub Scouts logo with thick glasses on it, or a traditional Coat Of Arms featuring generic geeky images such as a comic book, a ray gun, a 20-sided die and...?

Please discuss :)

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I'm swearing up a storm over here. I had one almost all done. all I needed to do was one more fill effect and save it again. I'd been saving it as I went. I saved again and GIMP hung. It wouldn't respond. I killed it after a few minutes, then go to open the file I'd been working on. Corrupted. Two hours of work...gone. I had layers and layers of images and bits overlaid to make a nice crest, with the ability to move things around and adjust them. And then GIMP killed it. I've got a headache now. I'm not going to do it again.

*goes to find a corner to be grumpy in*

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