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captain_slinky wrote in geekscouts
Feel free to post your ideas for Geek Scouts here... make a suggestion for a Merit Badge? Should follow a logical progression for three levels of severity - Merit, Silver Level and Gold Level.


Merit - You have seen all three movies.

Silver Level - You have seen all three movies, back-to-back-to-back in a one-day marathon viewing

Gold Level - You have seen all three EXTENDED VERSIONS of the movies, back-to-back-to-back in a one-day marathon viewing, while observing/eating at each of the 7 Hobit meal times (Breakfast, Second Breakfast, Elevenses, Luncheon, Tea, Dinner and Supper).

The only difference between the three badges will be their border. No border for Merit, Silver for Silver Level, Gold for Gold Level.

Why bother?

Why take the time to watch all those movies and eat all that food in one day? Why not just SAY you did it and then wear the badge?

Because we're Geeks. We wear these accomplishments in our daily lives like badges of honor already, why not start gathering IRL pins to display proudly at Geek Gatherings? How cool would it be if you were at a Trivia Night at a local bar, feeling lonely and out of place because the guys from your office dragged you there as their "Secret Weapon", when suddenly across the room you see a person sporting a Silver Level Tarantino Badge? You could become great friends, you may become bitter enemies, you may feel that you need to challenge this Silver Level Tarantino to prove your mettle!

Maybe I'm the only geek who thinks this sounds awesome? Maybe everybody else would just rather keep their badges of Geekdom on-line, behind Facebook profiles where it's safe... I don't know. But hopefully we'll find out :)

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The merging of the geekscouts

We had also talked about doing some badges where, lets say you watched every episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation; you would get a badge for that (which I assume would consitute a merit badge) but then you go ahead and watch all of TOS, DS9 and VOY. All those badges, puzzle peiced into a large badge. So when you get all the pieces of the pie you have a full Star Trek badge.

I don't know if you're familiar with O.M. or D.I. but they do similar things (pins are a big part of the culture of the competition) and you can get a series of pins that connect together that make the full, large pin. It can be pretty intense getting all the pieces.

Re: The merging of the geekscouts

I have no idea what O.M. or D.I. stand for, but I'd be interested in finding out more please :)

Re: The merging of the geekscouts

D.I. is the evolved form of O.M. Destination Imagination and Odessey of the Mind. O.M came before D.I. but they're basically the same thing. It's a competition for school age kids (mostly for elementary and middle schoolers). There are like six catagories of competition around which you build an 8 minute play. So you can do the catagory that requires to you to build a working signal delivery machine that can travel 20 feet and must be incoperated into the play. Or the catagory where you have to build the strongest possible balsawood structure and crush it, within your play. (every year the catagories are different). Also every play needs some kind of technical element, some kind of research element, yadda yadda.
These are performed and scored on creativity, technicality, and other elements depending on the catagory.

ALSO, you have an "Instant challenge" where you enter a room blind (with your team of 3-6 people) and are given a creative and technical challenge (I.e. you must create a device to transport a marble across the room without touching it, out of straws, dry spaghetti, and tin foil [this was an acutal challenge my team did. Our solution was to pick up the marble with fingers covered in tin foil and carry it across the room])

All of these elements are done entirely by kids, with a parent gaurdian who is not allowed to assist in any way.

All these elements are done a region competition, the winner goes to state, and then to Worlds. It's not terribly related to Geek Scouts, but D.I. is extremely cool. My whole family did it, my brother made it to worlds, and I went to state all 5 years I competed. It's not very well known, despite being a huge, major competition, even at the region level. But it is extremely cool.

Mostly I was mentioning it because at each level of competition they sell pins to memoralize the competition, and the catagory you're in and things, and you win pins for special awards. At State and World's level competition, it's pretty typical to see a lot of kids trading the pins they've accrued over the years. Some of the pins get pretty intricate and cool, including the aforementioned multi-piece pins that interlink to make a larger pin.

Whedon badge should definitely include: campaigning to keep a Whedon show on the air and having seen Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, Dr Horrible, Serenity, and the original Buffy movie. Not sure how to break it down.

Participating in a sing-along of Once More With Feeling should perhaps be a part of it.

Whedon Badge, I think, breaks down like this:

MERIT: Have seen every episode of at least two Whedonverse shows (Buffy*, Angel, Firefly*, Dollhouse) plus Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

SILVER LEVEL: Have "Powered Through" at least two Whedonverse shows (averaging more than three episodes a day, every day, till you've seen every episode), have seen all 4 series all the way through plus Doctor Horrible.

GOLD LEVEL: Silver Level PLUS have participated in a public Sing-ALong "Once More With Feeling" and /or "Doctor Horrible".

(* = All series include the movies associated, including the original Buffy theatrical movie)

Would this include Geekery along the more techy line? like, assembling a computer out of only the shiny parts from a heap of scrap and actually having it WORK?

I think we had this conversation at least once, in those late nights on the floor.

Either way i'm in.

If we can find a way of producing patches or pins on-demand for people to order on their own, that would be kinda cool. We'd want to come up with a nice design for each one. Either way, we need a decent online version for each badge. I like the idea of changing the border. Perhaps if we can get patches, someone can even "upgrade" their patch themselves, perhaps by adding silver or gold fabric paint around it or embroidery stitching around it to make the new border. Pins are obviously shinier, but patches are probably cheaper.

Too cool. It would be nice to give Robbie (and maybe Matt too) a patch for the achievements in life that really count. :)
Keep us posted.
Yes you could make these with an embroidery machine. Urban Threads (.com) has some very cool stuff and may be able to point you to someone who could make these for you.

Forgot to add that some lady Urban Threads interviewed is making Dr Who patches that she sells on Etsy.

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